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Biocamini funzionanti a bioetanolo

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The original coffee machine which makes the real Italian style coffee on your kitchen hob and is easy to use as a traditional coffeepot.
With Arabica your coffee has the creamy and velvety taste that previously you could find only in Italy.
Moreover Arabica saves your money: in fact you can keep on using your favorite blend, also decaffeinated, without using expensive coffee bags.
Arabica is made of stainless steel and its secret is a special unique system not subject to wear and tear, it works on any source of heat, making it ideal for travel, boating and camping.

From today available also on caffeespressoitalia.org

Specifiche tecniche

Technical specifications

Stainless steel structure
Fittings for one and two cups
Gas or electric heat sources compatible
Dimensions: H 220 x L 175 x W 175 mm

Important notes for product installation and use

espresso 12

Innovative 12v working coffee machine with sturdy steel structure.
It ensures creamy espresso coffees thanks to its 15 bars pressure erogation.
Water load is done through common 0,5l water bottles.
The machine is compatible with most coffee pods available on the market.
After a first 3 minutes heating, it’s possible to make coffees in sequence without pauses.

From today available also on caffeespressoitalia.org

Technical specifications

Frontal controls to turn on the machine and make coffee
Low consumption: just 350W – 12Vcc
Weight: 7,5 kg
Extremely compact: H 320 x L 150 x W 140 mm
Security thermostats

Important notes for product installation and use